I’d never wanted to work as a frontend developer

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Yup. That’s me. And I will tell you why I’d never wanted to work.

When I went to university, I barely knew computer science. I knew some basics still those were not enough to say “I want to work as blabla” statement. So when you don’t know, you listen to others. Friends, teachers, and some reputed people that you find online. And when I listen to them, they make me feel like the frontend is not a fancy option. Why centre a button instead of building some awesome-amazing-incredible stuff?

I didn’t have enough web classes at my university. Mostly it focuses on data science. I was not a fan of data science. But I don’t want to compare the areas. Why should I do it?

That is the main problem. There is no need to drag something down to make others shine. I probably do this too. We should not. When we don’t know something or understand it, we judge. We drag it down. Or fear. Both of them are worst than facing with unknown.

So how does my path cross with the frontend? I didn’t know what I would be when I graduated from university. I did some android projects but I was not happy. So I give a chance to the web. I learned basic stuff and I realized I have an ardour for this.

It was not centre a button or make it red. Optimization, frameworks, web performance, responsive design and it continues. Let’s repeat the problem. People who say it is not fancy are don’t know enough about it.

I want to be a teacher today. So what is our lesson?

Do not judge anything you do not know. ( or know but don’t we judge we don’t know?)

Do not make others decide for you.

Do what you love.



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